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Annex Restoration




Holy Father, mighty Lord, you have built your church upon the foundation of apostles and saints.  We give you thanks for their generosity, work and sacrifice which, by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit and the power of Christ's saving work, have given us gifts and bounties which our forbears neither knew nor dreamed.  Give us this same Spirit of grace now, that we may answer your call to build up the faith, strengthen our families and move your church more fully into the glorious future which you have promised to all people.  Bless our capital campaign with a deepening devotion to prayer, a larger commitment to service and increasing levels of generosity, that our lives may be instruments in Your hands for the growth of our faith, our family in Christ here at St. Luke's and the future which you promise in your Son.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.



Father in heaven, we thank you for giving us parents and adults who provide a special place for us to hear your word and feel your love.  Help us to take part in growing our faith, our family and our future, that all God's children may hear your word.  Amen. 


  Did you know?
 The roof has been replaced!  That is the first major piece of work done.
We are working on filing permits and getting plans together for the next major piece of code work.
We hope now that the winter is past to be able to get projects under way.


Did you know?

To date we have received a total of 118 commitments totaling $379,598.  Thank you to all 118 of us!!  If you need envelopes for your commitment donations, contact the church office or look in the pew racks in church.

  Questions may be directed to the church office.  Contact information is on this web site.

If you have time to spare, contact the Volunteer Subcommittee: or


Follow the Campaign Progress at