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Prayer Ministry

St. Luke's Prayer Ministry 

We are always praying for you, no matter the time, no matter the day!
Do you pray?
Do you need prayers?
Do you care about others?
Would you like to do for others, but lack time? We have the answer for you!
Join: ST. LUKE’S LUTHERAN CHURCH CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER CHAIN, and pray for others during your daily prayer time; this way you are doing for others and at no extra time to you.
- and/or -
Request ST. LUKE’S LUTHERAN CHURCH CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER CHAIN to pray for you or someone you know. We offer all sorts of prayers; if you have a need, let us know
Prayer chain members:
a. Receive prayer requests by (1) telephone and pass the prayer request on to one or two other prayer chain members, we will provide you with a list; or (2) by e-mail. All prayers you include in your daily prayers at home.
b. Receive a copy of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Prayer Guide designed to aid you in preparing a daily prayer routine or improve an existing prayer routine.
Prayer Ministry:
Our Confidential Intercessory Prayer Ministry works under the leadership of Carol Germann. If you have questions or would like information about joining, please e-mail Carol directly at Prayer requests must be forwarded to the church office at (516) 249-1220. Members of the Prayer Chain will offer prayers for a period of three weeks unless contacted at the end of that three-week period to extend the prayer requests.